jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

Disecciones de corazón. 3º ESO - A, B y C.

Agradecemos a Alberto, Antonio y Beatriz de 4º ESO, su gran esfuerzo por enseñarnos cómo es un corazón por dentro y por fuera, que a pesar de su nerviosismo inicial, han logrado llevar a cabo con gran éxito. Seguro que se verá reflejado en las notas del proximo examen del sistema circulatorio. Agradecemos también a la profesora Dª Emilia Carazo el haberles preparado exhaustivamente para la presentación.

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Primavera Movidita

Cuelgo las fotos de los múltiples líos que he tenido esta primavera, que incluyen:

- Testing en la Isla de las Palomas, en Punta Carnero (Algeciras)
- Encuentro de Voluntarios Ambientales en OrniPark (Tarifa). Taller de nidos y hotel de bichos.
- Jornadas de Coordinadores de Educaves en el Aula "El Aguadero" de Padul.
- Geolodía en la Falla de Nigüelas (Fac Geología de Granada)
- Charla de Katja y Patricia sobre el ciclo de las rocas en 2ºC.
- Visita con los alumnos al Aula "El Aguadero" de Padul.
- II Jornadas de Creatividad e Innovación en Educación (Fac CC Educación Udad Granada)
- Visita al Parque Natural de Doñana (Dehesa de Abajo) y Cañada de los Pájaros (Sevilla)


jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

II Jornadas Andaluzas de Creatividad e Innovación en Educación a través de Proyectos Colaborativos Multicompetenciales.

Presentación del Programa Educaves 2014-15 en el Aula Magna de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Granada.

2º ESO: Ana Luisa Galafate, Marta Pérez, Alejandro Rodríguez e Irene Romero.
3º ESO: Jose Ángel Fernández y Javier Romero
1º Bachillerato: Marta Carmona, Julia Cruz, Iris Fernández y Gema Oyono.

Profesores: Mª Ángeles Peñalver y Carlos Muñoz.

jueves, 9 de abril de 2015

London Trip 2015. 2ºC, 3ºB and 3ºC ESO. IES Mariana Pineda (Granada)

You can see the pictures at the bottom of the document, but I strongly recommend to read this wonderful writing, describing the whole trip.

OUR TRIP TO LONDON. (By Isabel Cantos. 3º ESO-B)

Tuesday March 4th, 2015.

The fourth of March we took the bus at High School door. The bus took us to Malaga's airport.

We all were very nervous but also full of happiness.

Our teacher brought us caps of Sierra Nevada but nobody put them on the trip.

At the airport we had to show our DNI and our trip authorizations but one boy had its

authorizations expired, finally all could be resolved.

The flight was a little tired. We arrived at Gatwick airport, where we took a bus to our hotel, the

Travelodge. The traffic was very heavy and it took us too much to get there.

When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist assigned our rooms, I shared my room with Andrea.

We leaved our cases in the room and began our first visit. First we went to Sant Pancras Station

where we took lots of photograph, then we took the Underground and went to Convent Garden.

Some people there bought souvenirs and have free time to see the shops. After that we had dinner,

we could choose between hot dogs and hamburgers. Then again we took the underground up to

Kingcross Station, that was the nearest stop to our hotel.

It was late when we arrived at the hotel so went sleep but before the receptionist advice us not to

make noise because we could disturb the other customers, however some people made noise.

Wednesday March 5th, 2015.

The next morning Andrea and me made a mistake, we got up one hour before the time. We waited

in our room watching television until we went down for breakfast.

First we went to the Science Museum where our biology teacher gave us a worksheet to do. We

had lunch there and next we went to the Kensington Garden and to Kensington Palace, but we

only saw the outsides gardens because we couldn't enter to the Palace. We saw the Albert's

Monument and took a lot of photographs.

In the afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum, there we saw many dissect animals, one

very interesting was the Dodo bird and a piece of Apollo Moon rock. Later we went to the

Harrods ,the biggest and more expensive shopping centre, but we didn't go in because we were too

many. Then we went to Leicester Square, there we saw interesting buildings and an itinerant singer.

When we arrived to the hotel we had dinner and then we stayed at reception playing cards during a

while. After we went to sleep.

Thursday March 6th, 2015.

The third day we got up at the right hour, we had breakfast and went to the British Museum.

There we saw many sculptures of the ancient Greek mostly without head and also of the Egyptian

culture, sarcophagus, gigantic beetles and black lucky cats.

We had lunch at China Town. There was a big panda bear in the middle of the street. However no

one of us ate china's food, we ate pizza and then we looked for a Starbucks. In the afternoon we

went to Green Park and to Camden town. At night we had dinner in our hotel.

Friday March 7th, 2015.

The fourth day we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. There were a lot

of people waiting to see it. After we went to Trafalgar Square and to the National Gallery, there

were a lot of pictures and a black box that depending the way you looked it the picture inside

changed. Then we had free time to have lunch. In the afternoon we went to the Big ­Ben, there we

took many photograph outside. Near there it's the London Eye, it's a giant observation wheel where

the views of London were fantastic.

Saturday March 8th, 2015.

The fifth day we took a boat to Greenwich to see the O Meridian. We had lunch in a McDonald

that day. After lunch we took the underground to came back to London, where we saw the

Monument and t St Paul' s cathedral. We also took a typical red bus to St. Pancras Station, there

we saw Platform 9 3⁄4 from Harry Potter.

At night we went to our hotel where we had dinner.

That night before going to bed we got ready our suitcases because the next morning we had our


Sunday March 9th, 2015.

The last day we also had breakfast at the hotel, and unfortunately we had to leave our hotel and go

again to the airport. Our beautiful trip was finished.

jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Visita Ecoparque Norte Granada.

It has been a very educational trip. It shows us that everybody should be more involve in recycling in order to improve our world. We should avoid purchasing unnecessary items.
In this recycling plant we have seen large amount of rubbish that hasn't been recycled properly.
Today I have learned that although I know the different trash containers. I don't recycle properly. There are much things to know about the way we have to recycle everything, glass, pastic, paper, etc.
This plant makes a selection of all the different kinds of rubbish, then the different types of waste are divided into trucks and taken to the place where you can use it again.
The climate change is affecting our planet and we are increasing this change using too much non sustainable energy.
Another very important thing I have also learned is that we shouldn't look what other people do, because many water drops are able to fill a glass.

                                             By: Isabel Maria Cantos Sánchez 3 ESO B

On the tour I learned more about energy . Nonrenewable energy sources are depleted such as eg coal or oil. Instead renewables never exhausted , at least at the human time scale . All of these energies come from the sun , and are, for example , solar , wind , tidal ... I've also learned that climate change has always been , but now is accelerating very quickly. As a result this may melt the polar ice caps and cause sea level rise , flooding coastal areas . We can also help solve reusing , recycling ... Then in the containers we have seen why they separate trash. Then when we make the kitchen I saw how easy it can be manufactures a small solar cooker. 

                                       By Irene Alvarez. 3º ESO-B
Hi, I'm Marcos Córdoba. This moorning I didn't go to the trip because I gave you the authorization one day later, so was impposible. But my friends and classmates told me their favourites momments in the trip. I know that they went to a recycling plant to see and to know what about the objects that we recycle and how to do it. The different machines and the process to recycle. They discovered how to do a simple kitchen with some cartoon and some albal paper. Yo don't need any electricity, only the heat of the sun, and yo can boil an egg. They did it by groups. They stopped to ate their snacks. The liked it.
Regards, Marcos.
I think that this school trip has been very interesting, because it teach us what we have to do to create a better world for the following generations, or even for us in the future; for example we shouldn't buy things that we want because they're cheap or that we must switch off the lights on the empty rooms. It also teach us where do the residues of our homes end and how do the recycling companies handle them. 
I've learned things about energy that I didn't know and a curious one was that ever type of energy comes from the sun except the nuclear energy. We've learned how to cook without energetic energy or gas, only with solar energy. But we couldn't end our experiment because of the weather, it wasn't very sunny, so I hope that when spring comes we can finish the experiment cooking something delicious.
By Isabel Rodríguez.